Love Leads?

Every day across America, law enforcement responds to countless calls for dogs running-at-large. Many officers lack the tools to humanely respond to these encounters, resorting unnecessarily to lethal force, with often tragic results that place the public and family pets at risk.

Love Leads are a simple, humane way of securing a frightened animal and getting it to safety. They’re light, small enough to store easily in a car and adjustable to fit everything from a small pup to a horse. (And according to a few of our satisfied customers, they’ve also come in handy for runaway pigs and goats.)

For the police, sheriffs, fire fighters and animal control officers who now carry them, they’ve become a lifesaver in critical situations ranging from calls for stray and “vicious” dogs to domestic violence. They also serve as a reminder that animal abuse and neglect often co-occur with other family-related crimes, so that animals in the home should be treated as victims, not threats.

How It Started
I can tell you from experience. The first time you come across a runaway goat, you’ll be glad you had one in your squad car.”

How To

The order process is pretty easy. You want it, we make it, you get it. And they’re absolutely free to any and all first responders.

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As requests have continued to grow – from within the United States to as far away as the Grand Bahamas – so have our costs.

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