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The Love Leads Project is a unique collaboration of individuals and organizations dedicated to saving dogs and preventing animal abuse and neglect. What began as a local effort to share tools and resources with accompanying education has now grown into a national effort providing first responders – free-of-charge – the tools necessary to humanely respond to dog encounters. To date, The Love Leads Project has provided animal cruelty training and over 11,000 handmade slip leashes to police, sheriffs, firefighters and animal control officers across the country with the goal of alleviating suffering and better protecting dogs who are lost, stray and running-at-large.

How It Started

Love Leads?

What started as a project to help local first responders save animals has grown into a national initiative that has distributed over 11,000 free leashes to sheriff and police departments. The leashes are free to first responders and are made of mostly recycled materials.

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We’re grateful for the shipment that arrived on the heels of Hurricane Dorian. They’ll be a godsend to the staff and volunteers faced with rounding up the animals after the catastrophic flooding.”

The Team

The Love Leads Project is a unique collaboration among the public, private and non-profit sectors – all working together to alleviate suffering and protect our four-legged friends.

April Doherty

PET + E.R.


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How To

The order process is pretty easy. You want it, we make it, you get it. And they’re absolutely free to any and all first responders.

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How To

As requests have continued to grow – from within the United States to as far away as the Grand Bahamas – so have our costs.

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It’s a no brainer for any department that wants their officers to be ready for anything.”